Conference 2019/2021

April 2019 – Theme: Emotions in data visualistions and information design.

Data is numbers, facts, true, bold. When we communicate data to an audience in a visual way, we need to add an emotional layer of design to convince the audience, to guide them, to attract them, to make them click. How can design choices help to add emotion to raw data? How do we bring the story across? How can we feel the numbers?


  • Steve Haroz
  • Joost Grootens
  • Anna Wiederkehr
  • Stefanie Posavec
  • Benjamin Wiederkehr
  • Marie Segger
  • Paolo Ciucarelli


November 2020 – Theme: Rules in data visualisations.

How can we help our audience to make more sense of data visualisations? How can we help to make it more understandable? One way is to work with rules. Rules about colour, axis, size, shapes, interactivity, etc. We can’t expect our audience to take the time to decode complex and beautiful visualisations, but we can design the conditions to aim for that. If we as practitioners use rules in a clear way, the reader can understand a data visualisation more intuitively. On the other hand, even with all the rules, every data visualisation is unique and different. The creativity is obviously in the rules. We can use the creativity to play around with and search for new and exiting ways of expression to connect with our audiences.


  • Manuel Lima
  • Sandra Rendgen
  • Lisa Charlotte Rost
  • Giovanni Magni
  • Andy Kirk
  • Katie Peek
  • Hannah Davis
  • Adrien Segal
  • RJ Andrews
  • Steve Haroz
  • Eventhia Dimara
  • Shadi El Hajj
  • Boris Muller


April 2021 – Theme: Visualising impact.

When you visualise information, there are usually different goals that you want to achieve. You want to inform, persuade, teach, inspire, share. But in most cases you want to have impact. But how do you tell a story in a visual way in order to change for example behaviour? Or how do you create awareness about a topic like climate change? How do elements as curiosity and empathy play a role to drive impact? How do you create impact with sound or typography? How do you plan for engagement?


  • Rebecca Conroy
  • Ahmad Barclay
  • Aaron Williams
  • Nadja Popovich
  • Alli Torban
  • Skye Moret
  • Nicholas Rougeux
  • Eva Murray
  • Sara Lenzi
  • Cedric Kiefer
  • Tiffany France
  • Wonyoung So
  • Miriah Meyer


November 2021 – Theme: Encore

Encore means that at the end of the show the audience would like to hear more. They don’t want it to be over yet. They want a few more songs or some extra pieces of music. The audience will keep applauding for minutes. And hope that the performer will come to the stage again: ‘’We want more’’. ‘’Encore’’. ‘’Please’’. So: S-H-O-W number 5. With an extra performance. With more songs or in our case: more data visualisation. More inspiration. More great speakers.


  • Sabine Devins
  • Fernando Cucchietti
  • Moritz Stefaner
  • Julie Brunet
  • Matthew Falla
  • Craig Taylor
  • Steve Franconeri
  • Rebecca Pazos
  • Marcin Ignac
  • Iskra Velitchkova
  • Sarah L. Fossheim
  • Ian Johnson
  • Eleanor Lutz
  • Rachel Binx